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Sean Saunders Teaching Professional and writer for Par None Golf Marketing

Oct 4, 2012

(This is an edited email from graduate Sean Saunders to the Golf Academy of America staff)

Please check out a new golf marketing business, Par None Golf Marketing, for which I am writing articles. Sean Mysel, a teaching pro friend of mine, came up with the idea because we both thought there was a better way for young and passionate teaching pros to market and compete with the top teachers in our local areas—without spending a bunch of money.

We recently posted two articles that would be a wonderful resource for your students. We both are big into Guerrilla Marketing in the 21st century using YouTube, social media and blogging to help drive traffic to our websites. Everyone knows how important these platforms are for promotion and our site gives sound marketing advice on how to capitalize and create passive income for golf pros.

We are ultimately growing the game by bringing new people into it and reaching them on their chosen communication platform (social media)—partly by doing crazy things like capturing videos of our client lessons! I really think this is the future of golf instruction and creating more value for the client and credibility for the teacher. It also helps golf pros get ranked high in Google local searches.

Let me know how I can help as one of your resources to Golf Academy of America students.

Sean Saunders is a Golf Academy of America Alumnus.