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Steve Shumaker Student, Golf Academy of America in San Diego; Intern, Fujikura Composites America

Aug 23, 2012

Steve Shumaker

I have been interning at Fujikura Composites America in Vista, Calif. and it will end in about six months—right around graduation.

I spend half my time working in the club lab and half on the advertising/marketing side. I help with club builds from people that come through the studio, builds that come from the tour department and OEM manufacturers. The Fit On Studio has experienced more growth than expected so I feel like I am really helping out quite a bit.

The work I do on the advertising side involves ad tracking, social marketing and new product development. I track all current advertising campaigns in all the major golf publications. I monitor and review the company's Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages and continually work to develop future product names and graphics.

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