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Mark Hathaway - Head Golf Professional - Borrego Springs Resort

Oct 11, 2012

Mark Hathaway

Mark started playing golf at a young age and worked in outside service and grounds maintenance throughout high school. Two former high school golf team members, who graduated two years ahead of Mark, brought Golf Academy of America to Mark's attention. Their feedback was very positive, and Mark made the decision to enroll at Golf Academy of America and pursue a career in the golf industry.

Mark graduated from Golf Academy of America - San Diego in August, 2005. He graduated with an emphasis of Golf Professional, with Player Credentials. Mark accepted an assistant golf professional position at Borrego Springs Resort, in September, 2005. He passed the PAT in February, 2006, (first try-149) and was promoted to first assistant golf professional in November, 2006. May, 2007, brought more changes for Mark as he was promoted to Head Golf Professional, at Borrego Springs Resort. Mark's two year anniversary with Borrego is a few months away and he looks forward to a continued positive relationship.

Mark credits Michael Flanagan and staff for getting him to this point in his career and he looks upon his time spent at Golf Academy of America and the past two years at Borrego Springs as a wonderful experience.

Editor's note: Mark is 22 years old!