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Stefan Schauffele - AndMore Products Inc.

Oct 11, 2012

Stefan Schauffele

At age 20, Stefan trained at the German national team decathlon training center, on a daily basis. On one life-altering day, Stefan was hit by a drunk driver. The years following consisted of multiple surgeries, which left Stefan blind in his left eye. This shocking event led Stefan to pursue his life-long dream of living and studying in America. In 1987, Stefan arrived in San Diego and felt as if he was in one of the nicest places on earth. Here was where he first came into contact with the game of golf.

As the golf ball is not a moving target, Stefan found that his lack of vision in his left eye was not a handicap. Golf then became his hobby. After another surgery and two years abroad in Japan, Stefan returned to San Diego and enrolled in the San Diego Golf Academy. Incidentally, this decision was triggered after seeing a video featuring Golf Academy of America and A.J. Bonar in a department store in Tokyo!

Stefan is not shy to proclaim that the two years that followed at Golf Academy of America - San Diego were arguably the best two years of his life. Here is how he describes the journey: "I had worked hard for one year in Japan to improve my golf game. I arrived in San Diego without an established handicap but played to approximately a fourteen. Once I began associating the golf swing with other movements that were more familiar to me, like throwing the javelin and the discus, my golf game improved rapidly. At the end of the two years, I had won a few of the weekly tournaments and the Ron Vornbroek Tournament of Champions. I received 'most improved player', and graduated with honors at the top of my class. Most importantly I had found the greatest joy of my life and left Golf Academy of America as a scratch golfer with a big smile on my face. There was no question that Golf would be forever the center of my life, because it had saved it."

Stefan directly credits Golf Academy of America with his personal improvement and his gained respect and admiration for the golf profession. After graduation, 8/94, Stefan went to work for Princeville Resort, on Kauai, as an Assistant Golf Professional. Today Stefan owns a factory in China and produces golf products for golf markets around the world. His company in San Diego is AndMore Products Inc. AndMore Products Inc. distributes a custom logo golf glove system called MagnaGloves, as well as Sun Golf Grips and Swarovski encrusted golf accessories. His product lines are designed to bring revenue back to the golf shop and are particularly well suited for events, corporate promotions, and total custom logo solutions starting at small quantities.

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