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Todd Roberson - Owner/President, ParGolf Eyewear

Oct 11, 2012

Todd Roberson

Growing up in Brenham, Texas, Todd felt the golf itch at the age of 15. He played recreationally until the age of 27, when a co-worker mentioned that his son was attending The San Diego Golf Academy. Now realizing that there was an opportunity to have a career doing something that he loved, Todd soon began his journey. Todd was 31, when he entered Golf Academy of America, and graduated from Golf Academy of America - Orlando in April, 1999.

After graduation Todd became the Tournament Manager for the Southern Texas PGA. This was a great experience and gave him the chance to meet many of the golf professionals in the Texas Section. In 2000 Todd became a sales representative, covering all of south Texas, for such companies as Izod Club, Bette & Court, and SunDog Eyewear. Todd's next move took him to the Briarcrest County Club, in Bryan, TX, where he held the position of Assistant Golf Professional. While at Briarcrest, Todd's entrepreneurial spirit kicked into overdrive.

Todd started ParGolf Eyewear in the spring of 2003, introducing a high quality, golf specific, sunglass that was affordable for everyone. The concept caught on and there are now 12 reps covering 18 states, with over 500 accounts. ParGolf prides itself on being the only sunglass company to be exclusively golf specific and only sold to golf accounts. 2006 brought the introduction of ParGolf Headwear, a company that offers custom options on specialty caps, at basic prices.

Todd's son, Cord Roberson, is currently attending Golf Academy of America - Orlando, and carrying on the family tradition (to the delight of Brad Turner & Flash!). Todd and Cord are adding to the growing number of father/son teams that graduate from the Golf Academy of America program. Todd also has five wonderful daughters, Megan, Zoe, Kaci, Olivia, and Chloe. He and his beautiful wife, Jill, now reside in The Woodlands, TX, and are building strong roots, while raising their family.

Todd feels that without the education and experience he received at Golf Academy of America, he would not be where he is today. He most values the lessons he learned, about the golf industry, from Brad Turner, Alan Flashner, Charlie and Roger King. Todd would like to relay the following message to all Golf Academy of America alumni: follow your dreams, they know where they're going!

To learn more about ParGolf Eyewear, go to: Todd would love to hear from all the Golf Academy alumni who need great sunglasses and Todd also has started an ad hoc alumni group, for the purpose of networking. You can reach Todd at: 281-731-9454, for more information.