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Tom Monaghan - Partner, The Next Golf Adventure, Inc.

Oct 11, 2012

Tom Monaghan

Tom was born and raised in Corner Brook, Newfoundland, Canada, and earned his Bachelors degree from Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. In order to pursue his interest in the golf industry, Tom then attended The San Diego Golf Academy. Tom graduated from Golf Academy of America - Orlando in April, 1998.

Since graduating from Golf Academy of America, Tom moved to Vancouver, Canada, and worked at a number of area facilities, with the majority of his time being spent at private clubs. In 2001, Tom passed the PAT and started his apprenticeship with the Canadian PGA. In 2004, Tom passed his Class A exam and won the Tex Noble Award for his achievement of posting a 99.3%, the highest mark in Canada.

The past two seasons, Tom had been an Associate Professional at Capilano Golf and Country Club, which is ranked #4 in Canada.

In May of 2006, Tom and his partner Mark Burke (also a Canadian PGA professional) created The Next Golf Adventure. The Next Golf Adventure provides luxury golf adventures, incorporating golf instruction and concierge-style service. In September, Tom and Mark left Capilano Golf & Country Club, in order to concentrate on their business full time.

Tom has many fond memories of his time at Golf Academy of America and has stated that he owes much of his success to Charlie King and Alan Flashner. Tom feels that their guidance and wisdom prepared him and other graduates for the road ahead.

Tom continues to live in Vancouver and keeps busy both at home and with The Next Golf Adventure. He married his beautiful wife, Shawne MacIntyre, in August, 2005, and they are looking forward to starting a family. Tom has said that "golf has given me so much" and his education at Golf Academy of America gave him the tools to pursue his dream.

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