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A Student’s Day

Life is better when you are doing what you like—especially when it's learning about the golf business and how to make a career in the golf industry. A Golf Academy of America student has the life he or she wants—while building the skills necessary for a successful golf career. Although classes, events, and other aspects will vary, here's the way a typical day might look*.


7:30 AM: Attend your first class of the day.

9:30 AM: Attend your second class of the day.

11:00 AM: [Option] Complete your homework in the library or computer lab.

11:30 AM: [Option] Take a personalized lesson with a staff PGA Professional or PGA Master Professional instructor.

12:30 PM: Grab a quick bite of lunch.

1:00 PM: [Option] Head to the driving range for pre-tournament warm-up.

GAA Tournament Play

Weekly golf tournaments are held on a variety of courses to gauge golf improvement and obtain tournament operations experience.

Tuesday - Friday:

7:30 AM: Attend your first class of the day.

9:30 AM: [Option] Play a few holes on the aboutGolf simulator.

10:00 AM: [Option] Sharpen your putting skills.

10:30 AM: Attend your second class of the day.

12:20 PM: Eat some lunch.

2:00 PM: Attend your last class of the day.

3:30 PM: [Option] Complete your homework in the library or computer lab.

5:00 PM: [Option] Hit some balls at the driving range.

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Golf Academy of America Information Kit

Other options may include:

  • Monitor your swing progress with a variety of state-of-the-art golf training technologies
  • Play 18 holes at one of the many pristine golf courses in the area.
  • Volunteer at local golfing events—to learn and build your resume with hands-on experience.
  • Work on your club fitting and repair skills in one of our labs.

Every day, the professional staff at Golf Academy of America provides the training, experience, and insight that develop its students into better golfers—as well as successful, career-minded professionals in the business of golf.

Golf Academy of America provides students with a well rounded student experience. In addition to the academic excellence offered, each campus provides activities, services and programs that encourage leadership, cultural and social growth. These activities and organizations promote quality in both individual and community development. The organizations and activities vary by campus and by program of study. Please contact your academic dean or campus president for more information about the events and organizations on your campus.
Some examples of organizations and events are:

  • Peer Mentors
  • Volunteering –Special Olympics
  • Golf Events – Tournaments and Celebrations
  • Student Appreciation Events
  • Veterans Organization
  • Educational Seminars

*The schedules detailed here are examples only and will change depending on the emphasis chosen by the student, semester of study, and practice/study habits of the student.