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Thousands of golf tournaments are held every year in the United States—amateur, junior, charity and professional. The National Golf Foundation revealed several years ago that fundraising golf events alone numbered around 50,000 annually.

Golf Academy of America gets its students ready to organize, plan, manage, score and administer successful golf tournaments of all types. Once each week, students participate in a golf tournament on a different local course. These tournaments:

  • Enhance students' education and sharpen their skills.
  • Count toward graduation requirements
  • Are played on a variety of golf courses throughout the area
  • Build camaraderie and networking skills
  • Develop practical golf-improvement skills
  • Are included in your tuition

Weekly Tournaments at Golf Academy of America

Hear what our students have to say about how weekly tournaments help them improve their game while teaching them how to run successful tournaments.

Weekly Tournaments: A Student's Perspective

Tom McGhee, Dallas Student

"Monday is tournament day. Often the start time is around 11:00 usually depending with the weather and the time of year. But we'll meet at a local course. The students run the tournaments. The instructors are there just to provide guidance and make sure everything goes off without a hitch.

You get to play a lot of golf with a lot of different people, and our competitive nature comes out so everyone gets as much from the golf tournaments as possible.

One of the things that our PGA instructors heavily enforce on us is they want us to go out and meet these professionals at our Monday tournaments—the club professionals are there and the pro shops are open and they encourage us to go in and meet them, give them our name and what our goal is and you never know, if he has a position come up, he might call the school and say, 'Hey, I have a position that opened up and I'd love to have Tom McGhee come in for an interview. He seemed real interested.' And you just never know when that opportunity is going to arise and that's a huge aspect of it."

--Tom McGhee, Dallas Student